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the work:
a series of installation views,
2016 / 2017

Intervention in danish luxery shops in copenhagen,
Installation with diasec fine art prints, PU foam, laquer

The installation » the work: a series of installation views « consists of a range of installation views that have been photographed as part of an intervention in different danish luxury shops. All pictures show a typical shop interior presenting high class goods, gadgets and food. On the second sight, one can recognise a little glass flacon secretly embedded in every picture’s setting along with a title label » perspiration, Jonas Paul Wilisch 2016 «.
The flacon contains a secretion of the artist’s sweat. In this contrary surrounding the human sweat symbolizes the effort of labour that is an essential prerequisite of each product’s coming-to-life-process but is usually kept hidden.
Presenting these installation shots as high end finished diasec prints integrated in a specific graph-like display design, the installation turns the » typical way of documentation practices « into the artwork itself.
The work questions strategies of presentation against the background of the evaltuation criteria of labour and its conditions in a commercialsing context.