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re-ponere (rapid turnover)
2016 / 2017

Readymade with museum pedestal turned upside down on a champagne glass, suitcase with toolkit for exhibition guards, flourescent tape, exhibition records, camera

Nominated for 15th Kunstpreis Haus am Kleistpark 2017, berlin

“re-ponere” is a readymade consisting of a white pedestal that has been turned upside down on a champagne glass. This fragile ensemble enables its second effect from the moment a rushy visitor accidentally hits it so it will break down. This usually unwanted situation in an exhibition now focuses the mode of presentation itself. The museum guard becomes the “crime scene analyst” and is capturing the whole scene in a so called “exhibition record”: A photographic proof, the official “running time” of the piece until it broke down, location details, etc. Afterwards the scene gets cleared and a new ensemble is set up and the work continues until the next breakdown comes…