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2014 – 2016

Series of objects made from local found footage (i.e. porcelain shards), hot glue;
Series of offset-printed postcards (105 x148 mm), metal racks, site specific adaptions / variations (referring to local museums interior design as camouflage objects)

The “dis”-part of the project “de- / dis- / ex- / im- / op- / re- ponere” is a collection of objects, that have been reconstructed from found broken shards of household items like plates, vessels, bowls, etc. The project deals with questions of (re)presentation and therefore a direct visual contact between viewer and objects is denied. The objects only appear in the way of a reproduction (as postcards i. e.g.) or reflection (see pedestals at Galerie im Saalbau). The reproductions of the reconstructed vessels serve as “cultural pretenders”, telling a story that never really happened but on the other hand relate to everyday life in current commodity culture as a metaphor. Being only accessible through the way of the printed reproduction on the postcard, the vessels’ objective aura is getting distributed in the same way like other “real” cultural treasures in museums are and hereby poses the question of how cultural history is normally getting produced.
Developed as an ongoing research project of local urban changes, “dis-ponere” brings up new variations in each city it is being exhibited. Furthermore it is shown as a site-specific embedding refering to a certain  museum or exhibtion design in order to reflect the local settings of presentation.
The postcard stand i. eg. is exhibited as a camouflage object in real museum’s shops.