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de-ponere (ancient amphorae replicas) (Installationview)

Installation of 3 stacks of digital prints à 1818, 2249 and 2973 hand signed and numbered Video stills,
Black and white – digital prints on 300g/sqm Recycling-Paper,Collection-Certficates

Production of ancient amphorae replicas: CW 31 / 32, 2016
Destruction of replicas with highspeed video documentation: 2016, 17th of August

Performance at opening of the exhibition “Things to come. Zeitgenössische Objektkunst.” at Kunsthalle der Sparkasse Leipzig (04th of october to 8th of January, 2017)
Supported by Freundeskreis der HGB Leipzig
Highspeed camera operator: Max Penzel / mquadrat GmbH